My primary research interests are focused on understanding the origin of transients and their emission mechanisms, attaining a holistic comprehension of the processes governing the formation and evolution of dense stellar clusters, as well as growth of black holes within them, and, finally, gaining a thorough comprehension of the stellar population, dynamics and transient phenomena within the Galactic center.

Some of the science questions that I aim to address are

  1. What is the nature of the observed transients, and which transients have we missed?
  2. How did supermassive black holes form, and what mechanisms contribute to their growth?
  3. How can we explain the observed phenomena in our Galactic center? Are these features unique to our Galactic center, or are they generic and observable in other galactic nuclei?

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♦I have many interesting project ideas about tidal disruption events, stellar collisions, multi-body dynamical interactions, and so on! If you are interested in any of those, we can collaborate! Or if you have any interesting ideas, I would love to hear and discuss them! Please don’t hesitate to Contact me!